Being Present Part II

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Many years ago when I first started this blog I wrote about the idea of Being Present thinking that, “The importance of being present is beyond belief for life is brief and a day can be spent so easily” and I wondered, “Is it possible to be present with so much going on at once?” I wrote that post back before my life became the much more complex jumble of tasks, activities, wants and needs that it currently is so now, more than ever, I wonder about one’s ability to be and more importantly stay present.
My children get older each day and so do I, but while I have calcified to a degree they are rapidly changing. I’m the same from day to the next but they are different. As I was concentrating on how fractured I am right now, and how I have not been able to diligently put my thoughts down on what it means to be a father, to watch a little baby grow into a little person, one of my favorite sayings, one that I used to write into all of my school notebooks, popped into mind. I have never shared it on this blog and thought “if not now, when?” I’m going to try to keep it top of mind for the rest of the week. We’ll see if that makes a difference in how present I can be. Enjoy.

Yesterday is ashes.
Tomorrow is wood.
Only today the fire burns brightly.

Proverb via the Eskimos