European Maps Accoring to Stereotype

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I love maps. I have a map of NYC that was made for runners (it lists all of the bathroom available in Manhattan based on availability and cleanliness). I have maps of the NYC and London underground systems. And so on, and so forth…
Today I was sent a link to some maps that Yanko Tsvetkov, a Bulgarian living in Great Britain, created. the first was done in 2009 in the midst of the energy dispute between Russia and the Ukraine. Russia was labeled “Paranoid Oil Empire”, the Ukraine “Gas Stealers”, and the E.U. as “Union of Subsidized Farmers”. Switzerland was simply “Bank”.
Click on the thumbnails below to check them out and if you like, check out Yanko’s site. Enjoy!

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Too Many Fall Movies 2010

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I still haven’t really seen any of the movies I wanted to watch for over a year now but they just keep cranking them out. In no order, here is what I want to see: Catfish, Devil, Leaves of Grass, The Town, Enter the Void, Red, Howl, The Social Network, Tamara Drewe, The Hungry Ghosts, Black Swan, How Do You Know, True Grit, The Debt, Wall Street.