Good Finds to Share

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I work with an amazingly interesting and intelligently creative bunch of individuals who from time to time, and that means virtually every single day, manages to send out a link to something new, different, fascinating, funny, odd, media related, data orientated or “other” and I never get to share them. So, in the spirit of sharing, I promise to do a better job at forwarding these nuggets along, especially since I don’t seem to have the energy to voice my own opinions as much as I used to.
For instance, check out In Bb 2.0 – a collaborative music / spoken word project that uses the simple beauty of code and YouTube videos to present something awfully compelling. The creators saw that YouTube doesn’t stop the user from running more than one video at a time and were curious to see if there was a musical way to explore that concept. There is, and its pretty cool: http://www.inbflat.net.