Enter the Wugazi

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Before I start to focus my posts solely on the long term negative ramifications of the current duopoly that is running this country, I want to at least acknowledge one of the things that makes happy – namely good music.
As William Congreve wrote in “The Mourning Bride,” music has charms to soothe the savage beast. One of the types of music I love is the mashup genre, though only when a mashup is done right. The Judgment Night soundtrack. The Chef Aid album. The Grey Album. Girl Talk’s Night Ripper Feed the Animals (the latest I didn’t love his latest one so much). All of these I would consider great mashups.
Now, I want to add the rap-collective Doomtree’s “Wugazi” project to the mix. They have put out a single called “Sleep Rules Everything Around me” which is a mashup of the Wu-Tang Clan’s “C.R.E.A.M.” and Fugazi’s “I’m So Tired.” It was released online yesterday and it already has had almost 24,000 plays. On July 13, Wugazi’s album “13 Chambers” is expected to drop – the title itself is a mashup of the Wu’s seminal “Enter the 36 Chambers” and Fugazi’s “13 Songs” album titles. Based on the way that “Sleep Rules Everything Around Me” sounds, I believe it will be as Johan van der Smut, aka Goldmember put it, “tight like a tiger!”
Check out the song below (if it doesn’t play, don’t blame me, blame Steve Jobs because you are probably on some sort of Apple machine):
Sleep Rules Everything Around Me by WUGAZI
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Hello Again on a Sad Day for Workers

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I cannot believe that over three months have passed since I last posted but the CMS does not lie – my last post was on March 19th. I believe this is the longest gap between posts ever for this blog. Historically April has been the cruelest month for my posts – in the nine Aprils that have occurred since WGTCTIP2 has been live I haven’t posted during three of them. May however is a month that I’ve never forgotten about – previously whatever funk I was in during the month of April would dissipate like April showers and posts would then bloom like the May flowers of the rhyme I’m referencing. So, while my “no post” April was not an anomaly the “no post” May definitely was and I’m hopeful that this long of a gap never occurs again. With all of that being said, hello again!
What has been happening since I last wrote? A lot – some good though most of it bad. What has been bad? How about the direction that this country is headed in for starters…
If you aren’t one of the lucky people in this country who own their own business, you are a worker, just like me. Yesterday, the SCOTUS (the acronym stands for “Supreme Court of the United States” but it always looks like scrotum to me) decided to restrict class action law suits in general raised by workers when they dismissed a pending discrimination case against Wal-Mart. Not good.
I’m not a socialist. I believe in capitalism and a free market. That being said, Wal-Mart abuses our system and not just by using its size to defeat smaller mom & pop stores. Wal-Mart actually hurts you and me even if we do not shop there. They pay so low we subsidize their employees’ health insurance – they do not let people work full time for that reason and they even show people how to apply for welfare. For a company that in the last 12 months had $16.5 billion in net income.
Stay tuned for many more posts in the short term – all is not right in the state of our Union and I will be pulling back the curtain to shed some light on what I believe needs to be voiced. I won’t go gentle into that good night.