Bleed It Out

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Lyoto Machida is a bad, bad man.
First, being a music fan, I love to critique the intro music of any athlete and Machida came into UFC 98 with “Bleed it Out” by Linkin Park blasting. This song has been my go to pump-me-up song for the past two 5Ks I’ve run so I immediately dug his chances.
Then, in the second round, he absolutely destroyed his opponent. To quote Smokey’s address to Debo at the end of “Friday,” Rashad Evens got knocked the fuck out. He is so good, he only gets hit one out of every 2.5 rounds. Seriously.
Below is an interview with Dana White, the head of UFC, talking about the fight.


We Shall Remain…Online

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The recent excellent PBS series on how badly the various colonists and governments in the landmass now known as the United States of America screwed over the indigenous populations (i.e. the Indians) has come and went but if you missed it, like me, you can catch all 5 parts of “We Shall Remain” online at the American Experience web site.
I traveled to Hawaii a few years ago and while there I fell in love with the pronunciations and the language and social quirks – the evening news broadcast in Honolulu captures this idea completely. One reason I loved it so much was because I imagined this is how all of America could have been – where an indigenous population was absorbed peacefully and uniquely – where the sum is greater than the parts. Unfortunately, for most of the Indian groups in this country from the 1600s to even the present, this has not been the case.
Having grown up on Long Island where so many towns and parks have Indian names, having studied Long Island history starting in fourth grade, having had a Hopi as an Art Teacher for grades K – 6 (so of course many of the crafts projects through the years were Native themed) and frankly being part of an ethnic group that has gotten screwed throughout history, I have always had a strong affinity to Indian issues where my bias is towards the Indians. Everything from the Shinnecock Indian Pow-Wow to Dances with Wolves has captivated me and I am looking forward to watching this series. I just hope that at the end there is something positive to look forward too, because the past has been pretty horrible.


Cincinnati Patrolled By Real-Life Superheroes. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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This is why I love io9 – because without it I would have never known about the real-life superhero team called Allegiance of Heroes led by Shadowhare. This is for real people. Seriously.

Shadowhare is using a site called the World Superhero Registry to meet up with other heros, like Aclyptico in Pennsylvania, Wall Creeper in Colorado and Master Legend in Florida. Again, this is for real. Stop laughing.
Now, when you build a real-life superhero team, you’re only asking for trouble from a real life supervillain The “Consortium of Evil” has placed a $10 bounty on Shadowhare’s identity via the wonder of Craigslist: “I am seeking the identity of Shadowhare. – E, The Consortium of Evil.” And so it begins.
via io9