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Two huge developments from Foo land. Working backwards, Foo Fighters have decided to take a holiday. It seems they want a break – and after 14 years of ass kicking music, they deserve one. I’m looking forward to them coming back better and badder than before. When Phish returned after their hiatus, they were rocking before Trey’s drugs got in the way and I have no doubt that Grohl and Co. can pick up where they left off.
Where did they leave off? By kicking ass and taking names in England, that’s where. One of their last shows was on June 8 when the Foos played Wembley Stadium and at the 55 minute mark it got very interesting as Dave said,

“Playing here at Wembley Stadium is the fuckin….its an honor…and if we take advantage of this opportunity, the greatest fucking night in our bands’ lives, to do something special, for you motherfuckers, all you 86,000 motherfuckers who came out to see us play tonight…
We knew from the beginning that this wasn’t going to be any other show. We’ve been planning this shit for fucking six months, a long time – we knew that, this country, you guys, you made us the band that we are today…
So we’d like to invite a couple very special guests: Mr. Jimmy Page and Mr. John Pual Jones from LED ZEPPELIN!”

They played “Rock n Roll” and “Ramble On” (though only “Rock n Roll” for some reason made it onto the MSN site – more on that in a bit) and while Grohl was no Plant / Bonhaim (yes Dave jumped behind the skins for R n R) and Hawkins was no Plant / Bonhaim that definitely was not the point.
The point was that in the English National Cathedral (Westminster Abby is only it by a technicality), the Foo Fighters were able to play homage to and along with two of their childhood heroes. Led Zeppelin inspired them to start playing music in the first place. Grohl and Page rocking it out – down right sick. It really happened. Ka is a wheel.
The Foos were so fired up about the show after it was over that they quickly edited together a concert movie (the show was filmed by multiple cameras) and released it in 50 theaters in the UK. If it ended there I wouldn’t have known about it. Luckily for those who do not live in the UK, MSN picked it up and has had it on their site since July 17.
Yes, so I’m two months behind time times and it took me looking up news about the Foo break up “rumor” to learn that this collaboration even took place. Then again, before I even get into my eternal “am I slipping?” debate which I seem to air anytime anything cool escapes my immediate notice, this event didn’t happen in NYC so its not like I could have gone. Therefore, I’m just glad I found about it now and not a year from now. I’m also glad I can pass it on to you.
RO is my second favorite Zep song (it comes after “Stairway” – duh) but again, for some odd reason the Foo / Zep version, it didn’t make it up on MSN, very odd especially since the song is on the concert DVD. That just means I have to buy the DVD now (though I’m not sure if it will play as the country code will be different). Is it legal to grab a bit torrent stream of the show if I own the DVD and it won’t play in my Region 1 players? Hmmm. I just love our stupid copyright laws…
Regardless, whenever I get around to waiting all 18 tracks, not just the 13 tracks that are on the MSN site, I’m sure they will be classified as “kick ass.”

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